Meet Kevin Just Called For The Sacking of Elon Musk at Tesla. 4 Reasons Why He Shouldn’t Be

Tesla Inc (TSLA)
Stock Geek
NOV 19, 2023

First here is the link to the tweet: Essentially he thinks Tesla needs someone more calm like Tim Cook as CEO.

I'm not going to swear on here but i think this is complete B/S! Here's 4 reasons why 👇

  1. He built the company from the ground up: EV’s were laughed at 15 years ago. Ridiculed. Thought never could be done. But through vision and hard work, Elon showed it was possible. Why would you sack the leader who built everything, just because he’s being attacked?

  1. He’s the perfect head figure for a company like Tesla: Tesla you could argue has been the most innovative company over the past 10 years. But for innovation you need a leader who pushes the boundaries, thinks outside the box, drives the team forward. This is Elon Musk. Without his perfect mix of vision and grunt Tesla will not perform as well as it can over the next 10 years.

  1. Loyalty is needed in a company: a company is a group of people working towards a vision. As soon you start questioning whether your team has your back, the environment can become toxic. With a toxic environment it’s very hard to win in a competitive game over the long run. You start eating yourself instead of the competitors market share.

  1. Elon is Tesla’s best free advertisement: Tesla is famous for not paying for adverts. Why? Because their product is so damn good. It advertisers itself. But also their leader is one of the most famous men in the world. People love and look up to him. They want to buy what he sells. And this best part is; it’s all free. This helps Tesla's bottom line.

Sacking Elon would be one of the worst decisions that Tesla could possibly make in my personal opinion. Ok, he's getting critiqued a lot right now. Doesn't matter. You need to be loyal. You need to stick with the man who built everything. If some people start criticising your friend, will you immediately ditch him?? It should be the same with the leader of a company. Short-term it might benefit Tesla with a "less controversial" figure at the helm. But long-term this is a terrible decision.